X-Men Days of Future Past (the Review)

*spoilers will inevitably be present*

First of all I’m back (in the Terminator sense) to the world of blogging and I thought why not hit it off the best way I know how, reviewing a rather anticipated film. Okay, I’ll set things straight this isn’t an overall review it’s more a series of remarks I took away from the film.

First of all, I need to just applaud the cast of every form of X-Men franchise in existence which has titillated our viewing stimulation and this film did not disappoint. Fassbender, McAvoy and Hugh Jackman are to name just a few as there are also Nicholas Hoult, Evan Peters and Lucas Till but I could literally write a whole thesis upon their beauty so I will stop digressing.

The shift between past and present was so seamlessly blended that in many ways it felt like that was the true success of the film. This was particularly important at the climax with the present mutants preventing the Sentinals from entering the room in which Logan was ‘time traveling.’ The invocation of a consciousness being projected into the past was through the means of Kitty Pryde’s evolved mutation only served to increase the already tense moment further. This scene was riddled with moments which kept one on the edge of their seat; Storm being stabbed, Magneto injured to the point of inevitable death, the Sentinals coming face-to-face with Professor Xavier. It was a scene definitely filled with gasps from the audience- by audience I am referring to myself and that to in the most exaggerated sense but I couldn’t help myself. So much was happening. But that was not all as we switched to the past running of events with; Logan having been discarded in a river (thanks to Magneto), Charles being crushed to the brink of death, Mystique facing the most powerful men in America with a gun poised toward them. Oh it was all too much but it was a test to see if Bryan Singer could pull of the shift between past and present, and he did deliver.

Now the last film, X-Men First Class, was my favourite because it featured a certain President Kennedy who is again mentioned. This time in a new light, he was apparently a mutant. Interesting little remark Magneto made and explanation given to the “magic bullet” which killed Kennedy. I just wished they would have disclosed what power he had, I’d like to think the power of manipulating natural resources, like trees etc. Yeah that would be cool.

This film featured the Tricky Dicky, President Nixon, something which my best friend would be very pleased with seeing as she wrote a whole dissertation on the guy. And I guess the history geek within me loves the continued recurrent back drop of the Cold War America.

I was one of, lets say, 12 people who stayed till the credits ended and we got a little teaser of what’s to come and it featured a glimpse of Egypt and I’m not going to say much but I know how the pyramids were made.

All in all it is a film with fully gets 5/5 stars, a round of applause and leaves you in anticipation of what is to come in true Marvel style. So get yourself round to watching it.