Alter Bridge gig

I know this is late but better late than never hey? So the gig I went to was at the Manchester Phones 4 u arena (It will always be MEN for me) So this gig started off with Halestorm centre stage. It was good. But it was the drummer who made it a show occasionally throwing a drum stick in the air part way through playing. BUT then they made way for Shinedown.

Now they were GOOD! Coming on stage fully suited and booted a girl couldn’t complain. It was ROCKSTARS in SUITS. Could you believe the effect that had? Beautiful 🙂 And then Brent pulled out a bunch of roses and started distributing them whilst singing “I’ll follow you.” Quite possibly one of the heart wrenching songs to be heard live- or so I thought. I didn’t get a rose NOT that I’m bitter or anything of course.

Now the real show began when Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti graced the stage. Being a shy rockstar who isn’t a fan of the limelight is strange but with Myles it was a humbling experience to see. But not wanting the limelight did not marr his awesome rocking out skills. Which were amazing along with a cracking set list. It was also amazing when it all quietened down for the “watch over you” balled. It was flawless and behind me the best friend graced me with her beautiful rendition. I must contextualise- she is an amazing singer but a closet singer so I will not be pushing her onto the stage. Anyway Myles beautiful ballad was ruined when Lzzy Hale stepped upon the stage. Now don’t get me wrong she is a perfectly adequate singer but with the voice of Myles coming second that was not something I wanted to hear.

All in all it was one beautiful gig 🙂 It was a rock show and true rock show that united everyone under that roof for one night! Lets just end with the one note that I will most likely be seeing Alter Bridge again!