Spontaneous overflow of things



Well, Edith Piaf, I have a few regrets… I do love doing my English Literature degree but doing research on the Crimean War for my presentation is making me rather nostalgic. I did English Lit, History and Government & Politics for my A-Levels. I loved them all equally that’s why choosing one was difficult. I applied for history at the University of York. But my summer results had other plans in-store for me. The panic of clearing and the motive of just getting in anywhere made me make the rash decision of now, and I’m doing English Literature at the University of Central Lancashire.

I do love it. But I have moments such as now where I miss doing History so much. Then I worry about the future- that scary prospect of the ‘real’ world which is looming over everyone. I seem to be attuned to it rather too intently currently…

I love books. I went to a publishing talk at the university a week ago and the possibility of actually having a job that is selling book and getting to know them personally, through the process of production seems like a dream come true. Its the dream job. I could bring back and exercise my love for History, Government & Politics as well as keeping English Literature in the mix! I really want to do it. So I really do have no regrets. I want to be Edith Piaf- French version and all!


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